Maintenance, Repair, and Restoration

The best way to optimize the service life of your roofs when replacement isn't in the budget yet

To optimize the service life of your roofs, DBS designs and implements a comprehensive selection of roof maintenance, repair, and restoration services.

Routine preventive maintenance and repair services include:

  • Cleaning roof drains, gutters and through-wall scuppers
  • Cleaning roofing surfaces of debris so that the roof system will drain freely
  • Checking and securing clamp rings on drain and stacks
  • Repairing drain covers that appear to be damaged or are malfunctioning
  • Re-caulking any metal flashings that appear to have splits or voids
  • Reworking pitch pans that appear to have splits or voids
  • Re-securing flashings that appear to have pulled away or been broken from the substrate
  • Repairing parapet walls and coping joints that appear to have splits or voids
  • General observation of the field of the roof
  • Repairing minor membrane splits, voids, or holes
  • Properly disposing of all debris and refuse collected during preventive maintenance servicing

Restoration, as a cost-saving alternative to re-roofing, may be recommended for mature roofs where insulation remains dry and waterproofing can be enhanced through the use of a restorative coating. Restorations revitalize a roof's surface by upgrading its weathering and UV resistance.

DBS is familiar with a wide scope of roofing systems and has been trained to diagnose and analyze all types of roofing problems. Design and implementation of all maintenance, repair, and restoration services is customized to meet customer-specific preferences and objectives. Typically, when an issue is detected that requires repair, your locally based Territory Manager/Manufacturer's Representative of The Garland Company, Inc., our sister company, will work in conjunction with DBS to develop the scope of work, specify the materials required to resolve the issue, and recommend an appropriate implementation method based on the urgency and severity of the needed repair.