Leak Response Program

Ensuring emergency contact within 24 hours and repair service within 48 hours

The leak response service ensures emergency contact within 24 hours and repair service within 48 hours. All leaks and repairs are recorded in a comprehensive roof asset management database that helps to prioritize and manage all roof areas for our clients.

Features and Benefits of the Emergency Leak Response Service:

  • Competitive time and material rates for each metropolitan area
  • Email reporting system that alerts DBS and local approved contractor(s) of leaks
  • Emergency response within 24 hours
  • Non-emergency repair services within 48 hours
  • Before and after pictures with work order report documented in our database
  • Full roof assessments with recommendations for improved roof performance provided when frequent leaks occur on one building
  • Material inventory for emergency roofing repair services
  • Standard time and material rates can also be used for scheduled repairs and preventive maintenance

The DBS call center operates out of our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, a network of over 200 locally based roofing manufacturer representatives throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe provide 24/7 response to critical emergencies. Offerings can be provided to each customer, a traditional total roofing management program is implemented in three phases:

  1. Initial roof diagnostics and database set-up
  2. Moisture scanning and composition analysis
  3. Recommendations for ongoing inspection, maintenance, repair, restoration, and replacement