Inspections and Surveys

Comprehensive inspections and surveys used to properly assess the condition of existing buildings

DBS provides comprehensive rooftop inspections and surveys, including nuclear and infrared scans, to properly assess the conditions of existing roofs.

Inspections are conducted to identify a complete list of interior and exterior building envelope factors that may affect the performance of your roof, such as:

  • Heat
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Humidity
  • Foot traffic
  • Chemical exposure

Any roof drainage issues are documented and previous repairs are inspected. All information obtained is evaluated for current and long-term performance.

Core cuts are taken as needed on non-warranted roofs to determine the composition and number of existing roof systems. Core cuts can:

  • provide accurate information on the number of plies, type and thickness of insulation and coatings
  • help identify the type and condition of structural decking that supports the existing roof system
  • be analyzed for asbestos content, water infiltration and roof system integrity

Infrared scans provide a powerful tool in the process of identifying roof areas with moisture content. The scans are completed with the use of the latest thermo graphic imaging equipment. Scan results are evaluated to establish whether water infiltration is localized or widespread across entire roof areas. The final infrared scan report can be the single biggest tool in making best practice decisions for future roofing investment.

Nuclear surveys are completed with the use of a roof reader and moisture gauge to identify the amount of moisture infiltration that has occurred in ballasted single-ply roofs or facilities with more than one roof system in place. Readings taken from the moisture meter are used to verify nuclear survey results. The final report results in color drawings that are developed to identify each location of the roof area that has experienced moisture infiltration.