Dry Zone® Program

Our customizable Web-based roof management program

Dry Zone is a customizable Web-based roof management program that combines roof inspection and evaluation observations with maintenance and repair data for our customers with multiple roofs at multiple facility locations. Dry Zone provides a consistent on-line format that can be easily printed into a variety of reports for hard-copy presentations.

The powerful capabilities of this advanced software tool include, but are not limited to providing:

  • Work history reports that document every repair, renovation and replacement, helping you analyze maintenance costs to justify staying the course or moving to capital expenditures
  • Real-time updates and job inspection reports that allow you to share data over the Internet for improved communication and more time-efficient management
  • Cost estimates and annual budget summaries that prioritize roofing requirements, enabling you to increase facility uptime through the predictable scheduling of preventive maintenance
  • Warranty tracking that helps you stay on top of your maintenance obligations while tracking the warranty commitments of your material suppliers

Typically, a Dry Zone program is customized to meet your specific roof asset management requirements by DBS and the locally based Territory Manager/Manufacturer's Representative of our sister company, The Garland Company, Inc.

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