Building Envelope Services (Evaluation/ Design/ Construction Phases)

Building envelope services program determines the best energy cost reducing options for roof and wall remediation projects

One of our key "best value" services is the Building Envelope Services program. This program determines the best energy cost reducing options for roof and wall remediation projects. As our Engineering Services group provides this service, it is delivered through professional engineers and building science experts. Building Envelope Services includes a visual assessment, infrared thermography (to detect air and thermal leaks), energy loss/ life cycle cost calculations, and recommendations with budgets. Customers can see how utility cost savings affect the solution options presented, and can make more educated decisions based on principles such as total cost of ownership, and sustainability. Building Envelope Services provides customers with the best value approach to determine their facility's energy and sustainability goals.

Evaluation Phase

Assessment: An inventory survey of the building envelope components and their condition.

  • Light mechanical - cursory review of heating and cooling equipment
  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • A clear, specific, and current list of your assets is created
  • Capital planning and maintenance decisions can be made with clear priorities based upon the physical condition of the building
  • Information can be used in our energy service to provide a payback analysis for energy improvements

Energy: Determines the energy performance of the existing building envelope.

  • Provides recommendations for envelope improvements based on calculated energy savings
  • Provides a life-cycle cost analysis to compare the calculated energy savings benefit over the life of the improvement

Environmental: Review health and safety issues that may need to be addressed during a future project.

  • Safety and accessibility review - Identify fall protection, pedestrian hazards, and accessibility issues
  • Asbestos and lead testing upon request
  • Structural evaluations are recommended when necessary

Design Phase

  • Building code compliance check
  • Wind uplift calculations
  • Drainage and stormwater runoff calculations
  • Snow load and snow retention design
  • Hygrothermal and dewpoint analysis
  • Retrofit roof framing design
  • Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal roof integration design
  • Masonry and concrete renovation and repair design
  • Permit drawings
  • Full construction document package

Construction Phase

  • Quality control and inspection
  • As-built drawings
  • Building envelope commissioning