Training and Continuing Education

We pride ourselves to be among the most highly trained building envelope specialists in our industry

Employee owners of DBS and its sister roofing organizations are among the most highly trained roofing specialists in our industry, providing comprehensive services and support from rooftop inspections to detailed documentation and technical performance specifications to help you optimize the return on your roofing investments. Garland field representatives:

  • Have a minimum of 200 hours of industry-specific classroom and field training in their first year of employment
  • Required to continue their education with a minimum of 24 hours of additional technical training annually
  • Receive ten hours or more of OSHA training, in addition to comprehensive training on Garland materials and DBS processes
  • Maintain best-practice standards of safety and performance in order to protect their own vested interests as company shareholders

The Garland companies also provide extensive educational opportunities to our subcontractors and customers, including but not limited to:

  • A Speakers Bureau that offers professional presentations on a wide range of roof-related topics, and which includes AIA accredited and USGBC approved courses*
  • Garland University seminars featuring expert speakers on various aspects of commercial building waterproofing requirements, designs, and implementation methods
  • Application Videos demonstrating installation techniques
  • Customized training to help building maintenance staffs or local contractors improve their roofing-related skills