Performance Benchmarks

Monitored and documented to ensure performance benchmarks are met

Every DBS project is comprehensively monitored and documented to ensure compliance with pre-established performance benchmarks.

The Pre-Award Phase.

The Post-Award Phase: Includes everything from an initial project information sheet to a letter of intent, contract, or purchase order. During this phase, DBS develops all continuing service agreements with subcontractors, who will, along with the customer, receive a notice of pre-construction meeting. Pre-Construction meeting minutes will be documented, along with a pre-construction meeting sign-in sheet to verify attendance. Other documentation critical during the post-award phase includes:

  • Notice of commencement prior to the build portion of the work
  • Notice of furnishing establishing timelines for material delivery and subcontractor activities
  • Subcontractor purchase orders committing funds
  • Subcontractor documentation to obtain all locally required documentation related to W-9's, certificates of insurance, contractor licenses, etc.
  • Subcontractor checklist to facilitate schedule management
  • Schedule of values prepared by individual subcontractors
  • Build schedule for tracking completion progress

The In-Process Phase: Includes daily sign-in sheets and production reports to track the progress of various subcontractors. Subsequent documented activities include weekly progress meetings (including toolbox safety meetings, where advisable); weekly progress reports; change orders; subcontractor billing documents; and in-process inspection reports to keep DBS and customer management fully apprised of all construction-related activities.

The Close-Out Phase: Begins with a punch list that is prepared during final inspection, and continues with final inspection close-out minutes, a formal notice of substantial completion, final walk-through minutes, a close-out manual, and notice of final completion.