The Evolution of DBS

History of Design-Build Solutions a subsidiary of Garland Industries

The Garland organization began in 1895, as the Garland Refining Company. Since then, the company has evolved from being a manufacturer and distributor of industrial paints, oils, and greases to becoming a multinational enterprise with a core competency of construction, maintenance, and retrofit of complex roofing projects.

Our sister organization, The Garland Company, Inc., manufactures high-performance waterproofing materials to protect the commercial building envelope and distributes them across the United States, Canada and United Kindom.

In 1996, Garland incorporated the Garland Contracting, Inc. subsidiary to deliver preventive maintenance services to its roofing materials customers. Customer enthusiasm for the Garland business model resulted in the 2001 launching of a new enterprise, Design-Build Solutions, for the installation of complex roofing projects, in order to deliver seamless single-source accountability for both materials and installation.

Today, DBS capabilities extend from designing and implementing preventive maintenance programs that ensure consistent standards of quality across a number of facilities, to comprehensive turnkey delivery of the most complex building envelope projects.

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